Vesper Guitars are custom, hand-made, one-of-a-kind guitars built by luthier Neal Van Slett in Germantown, Wisconsin.  Vesper Guitars produces acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars, electric guitars, electric bass guitars, and ukeleles.  The instruments are characterized by their striking appearance, beautiful tone, smooth playability, and unmatched signature sustain.  Neal Van Slett, owner and luthier of Vesper selects only the finest woods from around the world -- woods that feature both aesthetic beauty and rich tone -- to build his guitars.  Each Vesper Guitar is a truly unique work of art.



The word "vesper" means, among other things, a bell to summon worshipers to evening prayer.  Though Neal makes guitars (not bells), he chose the word "vesper" to convey his ideal use for the guitars - that they would be used to draw people together in worship.  One needn't be a worshiper, however, to appreciate the aesthetic beauty, rich tone and smooth playability of Vesper Guitars.




Neal's love for guitars began at a tender age (see e.g., photo of young Neal at right).  However, it was not until 1999 that he built his first guitar as a graduation present for his son.  Neal found that his God-given talents, and the unique experience and skills that he had previously gained from decades of work in precision-driven industries (i.e., tool making and wood working) lent naturally to guitar building.  Neal found great joy and success in building his first guitar, and has continued building guitars ever since. 

Neal resides in Germantown, WI with his lovely wife of over 40 years, without whom Vesper Guitars would not exist.  Neal is an active member at Trinity Community Church in Brown Deer, WI, where he serves as a worship leader.